Solar Space Heating System


System Custom Controller

a) Controller
attic heat harvester controller
MK 1 System Controller

Description & VoltageCost
SHHAHHC120 - AHHC 120vac£215
SHH Controller
SHHAHHC230 - AHHC 230vac£215

System Cables

b) Room temperature sensor cables
room temperature sensor cables
Room temperature sensor 2 core
shielded + 2W connector

Cable LengthCost
SHHRTS005- 0.5m cable£13
SHHRTS010- 1m cable£14
SHHRTS030- 3m cable£16
SHHRTS075- 7.5m cable£18
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c) Attic/conservatory temperature sensor cables
Attic/Conservatory temperature sensor cables
Attic/conservatory temperature sensor
2 core shielded +3W connector

Cable Length Cost
SHHACTS025 - 2.5m cable£15
SHHACTS05 - 5m cable£16
SHHACTS075 - 7.5m cable£18
SHHACTS100 - 10m cable£19
SHHACTS150 - 15m cable£21
Select Cable Length
room temperature sensor cable

Parts Solar Heat Harvester can supply if required
System Cables

d1) Fan power 2 core cables
Fan power 2 core 2a cables
Fan power 2 core 2A 230/120vac for
ebmpapst W1G200, 230, 300

Cable Length Cost
SHHebmPC015 - 1.5m cable£3
SHHebmPC030 - 3m cable£4
SHHebmPC050 - 5m cable£5
SHHebmPC100 - 10m cable£8
SHHebmPC150 - 15m cable£10
Select Cable Length
Fan power 2 core cable

d2) Fan power 3 core cables
Fan power 3 core 2a cables
Fan power 3 core 2A 230/120vac for
RS 450mm and other fans

Select Cable Length Cost
SHHRSFPC020 - 2m cable£3
SHHRSFPC050 - 5m cable£5
SHHRSFPC075 - 7.5m cable£8
SHHRSFPC100 - 10m cable£10
SHHRSFPC150 - 15m cable£14
Select Cable Length

e) Air valve cables
air valve cables
AHH Systems main air valve 3 core 1A for
URD air valves

Cable Length Cost
SHHAVC015 - 1.5m cable £4 *
SHHAVC030 - 3m cable£6 *
SHHAVC050 - 5m cable£8 *
SHHAVC100 - 10m cable£13 *
Select Cable Length
Air valve cable
* = Available to buy here or make yourself

System Fans / Blowers

f1) Fans and blowers
Solar Space Heating, system fans
Small/medium sized homes, attic and
conservatory Systems

Fans/Blowers 203vac 50/60Hz Max Airflow Watts Cost
W1G200-EC87-253103.5W£80 **
W1G200-EC91-4552010W£160 **
Select Fan/Blower
System fans and blowers
** = Buy here or available at RS Components

Medium/large attic fans

f2) Fans and blowers
450mm 230vac 3 speed fan
Obsolete but 5 available, RS 3 speed 450mm
230vac 50Hz fan with finger guard
Part No. Max Airflow Watts Cost
Fan Mounting Plate (MP) 600x600mm
AHFMP001  £21
Funnel 450mm to 305mm  £34
SSH funnel
RS 230vac Fan + MP+Funnel  £140

Medium/large attic fans

g) Motorized air valve

Items purchased in the UK and Europe
Motorized Main Air Valves 24vac
Part No. Diameter Cost
Select Motorized Air Valve
motorized main air valves
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*** = Buy here or available at Ebay

Stainless steel pipe connector adaptor to
marry fan and duct

Pipe Adaptor / Connector Source Cost
220 to 200mm for W1G200£20
250 to 220mm for W1G230£22
315 to 300mm for W1G300 fanebay-fan4less£15

You will need additional items to install your Solar Heat Harvester System, these include:

For both Attic and Conservatory Solar Heat Harvester Systems
a) A 5 amp fused switched unit to match your existing switches, and a back box - from Screwfix

b) Two lengths of twin and earth mains cable to connect mains supply to the switch unit and to the Attic Heat Harvester Controller - from Screwfix

c) sundry screws

For Conservatory Solar Heat Harvester Systems only
d) Two lengths of PVC pipe, to stop hot and cold air escaping into the wall, of a diameter that suits the fan unit you will use

e) Two gravity air vents, one stops warm home air escaping into the cold conservatory, one stops cold conservatory air entering your home

For Attic Solar Heat Harvester Systems only
f) Aluminium foil insulated flexible ducting of required length - this can be obtained from ebay

g) Two jubilee (hoze) clamps to clamp the insulated ducting to the fan and air valve - can be obtained from ebay

h) Something to support flexible ducting in the attic, e.g. pieces of wood to be attached to the rafters that have loops of webbing fitted to them that pass underneath the ducting and where needed strips of wood to keep the ducting fairly straight - see photo gallery.

i) A ceiling air vent of a suitable size that suits your home decor

j) If the room receiving heated air is relatively air tight you may need wall mounted gravity air vents that let the heated air flow through your home